Overclock.net Forums Consumer Electronics Home Audio Car Amplifier Hooked Up To Computer. PSU size in irrelevant to what size amp you hook up, the current on the. I have not encountered a report of an amp burning (let alone a house) from this method.

Um. I must disagree with your specs. Ive not done much with this, but I have run 120 watt amps from standard house 12v DC 1A transformers without a problem. Jan 8, 2009. How to Use a Computer Power Supply to Power a Car Amplifier for Subwoofers in Your Home. (I didnt want to chop up one of the main wiring harnesses) attach its yellow 12v lead in to the power and remote on the amp,. How to Hook Up a Car Amplifier Capacitor Hooking up an automobiles amplifier and capacitor can be done in fewer than 30. How to hook up a car subwoofer in a house. Car Amplifier and Subwoofer Powered by a Computer Power Supply. Hook up car subs in house. Look up the input power specifications for your amplifier, using the manual or the manufacturers website. Heres a step-by-step guide to installing a car amplifier,. Amplifier installation guide.. I just got a 5 channel amp and want to hook this up and read that. May 18, I want to hook up my watt Kicker amp to my subwoofer I had in my car but I want to hook it up in my house so I can. Proud to be the first on instructables regarding HUs Im going to show you how to wire up a car amplifier and headunit in your house. Series vs. Parallel Wiring. add up the impedances of each. and youre determined to install four 15-inch subwoofers in your car. The amplifier youve reserved for. Pc power supply powering car amplifier in home. jeff hovik.. I need some help i need to hook up my car amp in my house but how to i go about getting power to it. Can home speaker wires from the amp be attached to a car speakers. Connect 2 8 ohm speakers simply in parallel, and your amp is loaded. Hook up car amplifier in house. Published 21.10.2017. In other words, do not mount it on a metal surface. Keep it up mate! If youve got a car amplifier youd like to use in your home, theres one major obstacle to overcome

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you how to wire up a car amplifier and headunit in your house without. Can anyone tell me where I hook it up? Answer this question Flag as. Why doesnt my amp switch off with my deck? How To Power up A car amp In your house. 61625. 64. How to Hook car amp in home (battery). Can I use car subwoofer with my home. used in my Honda minivan and is now taking up space in my house.. connect my car sub woofers which.

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